Get Inertia

Simplify your EDI and fulfillment. We offer a variety of services that are tailored to meet a wide range of needs including full EDI management and product fulfillment. Regardless of the size of your company we can help meet all your retail compliance, fulfillment and operational needs. Get Inertia is designed to be a catalyst in your brand growth.

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  EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

We provide guidance to brands who are doing their own fulfillment, or to the 3PL that they are working with, in regards to retailer compliance.

Get Intertia works to satisfy vendor compliance, alleviate risk of chargebacks, and give our brands peace of mind

  • Establish EDI connections and mapping for your EDI trading partners
  • Full service setup and testing for new trading partners, as well as migrations from existing EDI connections, to ensure that orders are received from your retailers
  • Vendor specific EDI reporting provided by our service crew to make orders easy to interpret
  • Work hand in hand with vendor logistics teams to ensure that all vendor compliances are met
  • Advanced ship notices and invoices are processed and transmitted accurately and in a timely manner


Our fulfillment center can handle all cross dock, e-commerce, and specialized retailer (EDI) order shipments. Our support staff can also provide administrative management to navigate the entire order process for brands.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

  • Fulfillment for direct to consumer orders
  • Brand tailored packaging to complete the customer experience
  • Same day turnaround on orders placed by 2:00pm Pacific Time
  • Reverse logistics processing for e-commerce returns
  • Experts in Shopify

EDI Order Fulfillment

  • Fulfilling EDI orders can be challenging for brands managing logistics in house or their 3PL
  • Our brands deliver their EDI dedicated bulks for preparation and shipment by Get Inertia
  • Specialization in full service value added services
  • Vendor compliant ticketing, labeling, hanging and folding
  • Direct-to-consumer and floor ready compliant materials for all major (EDI) retailers
  • General QC and inspection for floor ready requirements
  • Pack processing that adheres to trading partner vendor manuals
  • Ensure all trading partner compliance is met to ensure chargebacks will not be incurred

Cross Dock Order Fulfillment

  • Carton in and carton out processing for your one to one sales order to PO retail orders
  • Quick receipt and shipment process including all routing as well as compliance verification
  • Relay factory prepared store dedicated orders to their final destinations
  • Specialized fulfillment for brands working with special cuts or made to order products

    Visit our site here or use the chat feature on this page to get a conversation going.